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The phylogenetic plant collection comprises 1.5 hectares (3,7 acres) and contains approximately 2500 flowering plant species and varieties from all over the world, resulting the richest hungarian open-air systematic plant collection of angiosperms. The order beds were designed in 1954 by Dr. Miklós Ujvárosi, then director of the garden. His project is based on the new phylogenetic plant system of the Angiosperms elaborated by the academician Rezső Soó (1953). Professor Soó developed a vertical system of structure with six parallel evolutionary series (4 dicotyledons, 2 monocotyledons) arranged in a way that the nearly 90 plant families grouped in separate beds showing simultaneously their mutual relationship and phylogenetic development. The order beds were arranged like a fan with an artificial hillock in the centre. The most ancient flowering plants can be found on the hillock-top (Berberidaceae, Ranunculaceae), avenues leading from the hilltop show the parallel directions of development and separate the individual branches. The related plants are thus near to one another, allowing easy comparison for botanical study. The collection’s primary aim is to present temperate perennials and also annual herbaceous flowering plants, but in order to relieve summer heat and to avoid monotony, it became necessary to diversify the panorama with the help of smaller shrubs and climbing plants. New plants are produced primarily through our regular seed exchange programme, as we are in contact with five- seven hundred gardens in Hungary and abroad. In order to ensure the availability of the seeds of Hungarian wild growing flora, we travel several times annually to collect seeds from various regions of the country. Most seeds are raised by cold frame sowing and planted as seedlings, a smaller part are propagated by field sowing.

Rezső Soó (1903-1980)
Rezső Soó (1903-1980)

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