Garden regulations

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The botanic garden is a nature conservation area, its plants, animals are of scientific value including also the species to be found wild here. Collection and impairment of plants or animals or damaging of the equipment in the garden are prohibited, and there are dustbins for rubbish, placed near the benches. In maintaining the condition of the garden the sympathy and support of the welcome visitors are relied upon. No entry with bicycles, and any other types of vehicles. Dogs are not allowed within the garden. Please stay on designated paths, entering areas closed for the public (marked:’látogatás elől elzárt terület’) is also prohibited.

Opening times

Closed due to Covid situation
Thank you!

Institute of Ecology and Botany
Botanical Garden in Vácrátót
Address: Alkotmány str. 2-4. 2163 Vácrátót
Tel: 36 28 360 122
Email: botanikuskert [at]

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