The 200-year-old romantic landscape-designed garden, also a national monument and nature conservation area, is the richest scientific plant collection of Hungary . The scenes of this 27 hectare garden are engaging in all four seasons. There are 62 nesting bird species in the garden, while 22 fish species inhabit its waters and 73 species of molluscs find their homes in its area. Annual plant exhibitions, intimate trails, rose and geranium collections, and countless tiny wonders of nature await our guests throughout the year.

Berkenyeház Visitor Centre
It is a permanent exhibition - housed in the old granary- on the diversity of plants and their role in our lives. Highlights the threats caused by human activities and lifestyles. It provides guidelines for environmentally aware action.

2017. 07. 10.

The National Botanical Garden has an especially rich collection of trees and shrubs with North American origin.
The new, coloured booklet, complemented by an English summary provides information on 20 species present in the Botanical Garden.
Follow the numbered route of the map you can find in the guide.
The guides are sold at the main entrance.